Thursday Bible Study with Pastor Horner: 9:30 am in Fellowship Hall or 7 pm in Room 237. Don't miss the topics at left! Bring an open Bible and an open mind.





The Men's Breakfast Gathering
meets on Saturday, April 1, at John Crowe's home, 330 South 31st Street, Camp Hill. This will be an abbreviated session, because several of us have volunteered to help clean up the church property at 9:00, and others will be part of the 9:00 dress rehearsal for any singers participating in the Mozart Requiem. We will start breakfast PROMPTLY at 8:00 and have our discussion while we eat. We'll talk about the many ways we observe Lent and finish up by 8:45. Call John and Carol 737-2936 or e-mail to help in their planning the food and if you have any questions.

You are needed for our Spring Clean-up on Saturday, April 1, beginning at 9 am. Bring rakes! We also need a pickup truck. Let's keep Trinity's grounds looking great. Contact Bruce Bigelow at 717-761-3289 or at

Please help! At least TEN people are needed to take turns with our existing members who get communion ready for Sunday traditional services. This role is so very important to the worship experience and can be worked around your schedule--as few as 4-6 Sundays a year. When you're already attending church at 8:15, you just have to be here early. If you attend 11 am worship, you just have to stay a little late. Call either Joanne Austin at 717-791-9615 or Barbara Kriebel at 717-697-3928. Or write your name/email and "Altar Care" on the Worship Witness pad where it asks about volunteering.

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Journey through Lent has begun. Children can pick up a "Passport for the Journey." Every time they attend a worship service or event during the season of Lent, they will receive a sticker for their passport. By Easter weekend, they will have a passport full of stickers, a heart full of understanding, and a special prize!

Trinity Kids LOVE Summer Camp!
Registration is now open for Lutheran Summer Camp! And remember, all children who are Trinity members may receive one scholarship per summer, $100 for a full week of camp and $50 for a half week of camp (including Family Camp). Simply enter "Trinity Lutheran Church Camp Hill" in the box that asks for church membership, then deduct the appropriate amount from your total cost. Trinity will be sent an invoice to pay for the scholarships that have been requested.

GIVE BACK DAY - Sunday, April 2, 9:30 am.
Learn about Uganda and our friend Lyton.
This is a family learning experience! Parents should plan to attend with their children. All activities occur in the Education Wing Hallway.
Two years ago we worked hard to begin a sponsorship of a child from UGANDA. It is time to gather our hearts and our dollars to re-fill her sponsorship account! Give Back Day is a cross-cultural, intergenerational, service learning experience that invites families to see the world from a different perspective without leaving home.

JYG (Junior High Youth Group) is NEXT Sunday, March 26, from 6 - 8:00 pm! Parents, note the time. If you are in grades 6 - 8, come on out for this night of games, fun, and fellowship with one another. Bring friends! Bring snacks! Dinner and drinks will be provided. Come dressed to play. It'll be a blast! P.S. There will be some important handouts and sign-ups on this night. C U @ JYG for all the fun times.


Click here for Sup 'n Study brochure

Session 1 - March 8 - The Rev. Dr. Jack M. Horner - 12 Facts You May Not Know about the Reformation
     + Presentation slide show
     + mp3 audio file of the presentation
           (Our apologies - the recorder wasn't started until part way through the first fact.)

Session 2 - March 15 - The Rev. Dr. Kristin Johnston Largen - Lutheran and Loving It: Markers of a Lutheran Identity
     + Session outline

     + mp3 audio file of the presentation

Session 3 - March 22 - The Rev. Dr. Maria E. Erling - Luther Goes Global
     + Presentation slide show
     + Slide show notes
     + mp3 audio file of the presentation

Session 4 - March 29 - The Rev. Dr. Mark W. Oldenburg - Who's on First?

Session 5 - April 5 - Film - Rick Steves' Luther and the Reformation

Share in the care of Trinity's family. Pray for these members in the coming week: Edwina Browell; Margie Brothers; Emily and Ian Brookmyer; Jim and Cathy Brommer; Bob and Ruth Brommer; Gretchen, Madelyn, Carolyn, and Benjamin Brodie