Appeal Finance Subcommittee Report – Submitted by Bob Frymoyer Next meeting on TBD. Giving to our "Honor Our Past, Plan Our Future" has continued despite our current shutdown of facilities for worship and ministries, although noticeably at reduced receipts for April. April realized a total of $14,700 or approximately only one half the monthly average for the first quarter of 2020.
Total pledges (currently at $1,284,000) have increased only incidentally since the beginning of the year, although non-pledged giving ($96,000), including several larger contributions during the first quarter, continues in a relatively steady fashion. Therefore, we have received a total of $853,000, including receipts from pledging. Fund balance as of April 30 stands at $526,400.
Comparing this performance against our adopted "Plan of Finance" appears favorable with caution: our budget contingency now is $73,000. Updated projections on anticipated other revenues will be reported in June or July. We plan to develop a report to the congregation on how we are doing financially for the Appeal in the near future as the project moves forward.