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Capital Development Financial Advisory Report – Submitted by Bob Frymoyer Next meeting on tbd. Giving to "Honor Our Past, Plan Our Future" continues despite shutdown, although noticeably at reduced levels. April realized $16,300 (slightly more than half of first quarter monthly giving).
Total pledges $1,284,000 have increased only incidentally in 2020; non-pledged giving of $97,000 continues in a slow but steady fashion. To date we have receipted $869,000 from all giving to the campaign. Fund balance stands at $531,000 as of May 31, with $12,000 in disbursements (architect) for the month.
Giving performance compared to our adopted "Plan of Finance" appears cautiously optimistic; our budgeted contingency is now down to $33,000.
A full report of giving by category against the Plan of Finance budget will be developed through June 30 and reported next month.