Capital Appeal Financial Advisory Report – Submitted by Bob Frymoyer Next meeting on ??. Daryl Ackerman's report contains the financial for December for our appeal. In summation….
– Giving was Approx. $6,000 in December. Some members continue to donate above and beyond the pledges;
– After January's loan payment, our loan with S&T bank is around $43,000;
– Finance Committee last week voted to pay off our bank loan
and borrow from ourselves from Quasi-Endowment fund,
thereby saving interest monies in 2023.
– We expect our loan to be repaid to be repaid by the end of \
this year with waning contributions as the year goes on.
We sent out thank you letters to donors who gave in $500 or more during the later half of 2022 and expect to do the same this year. (Such letters may actually stimulate more giving, but we certainly are appreciative of the generous contributions received.)