Grow your Faith from wherever you are!

While we aren’t always able to gather together, we want to meet you where you are. We hope these resources will help you connect your Faith to your every day life.

Worship With Us!

We are excited to have returned to in-person worship services. However, we understand how important our virtual service is for so many. We will continue to offer our Sunday morning Livestream service (9:30 am), as well as our Friday afternoon Prayer service (12:00 pm). For those who choose to worship virtually, you are invited to drive to Trinity each Sunday (Noon – 12:30 pm) to pick up communion elements.

Connect With Us

We want to stay connected with you! Follow us on social media to see important information, updates on events, virtual learning opportunities, pastor check-ins, and more! Find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTubeNot on Social Media? Click here to see the content being shared on our Facebook page.

Support Our Ministries

We are so grateful and appreciative of all of the folks who support our ministries. While our current situation has its challenges, please know that the work of Trinity has not slowed down. We continue to minister to our congregation, community, and world. Our employees are working both in the office and remotely. It is important that we continue to support Trinity with our offerings/contributions. Please mail them to the church office or visit the donate page.

Let Us Support You

How are you feeling? We have no doubt that each of you is feeling something a bit different at this time. These are not normal circumstances that we are living in. We pray that each of you is feeling God’s presence.  If you would like to speak to a Pastor, please call the church office at 717-737-8635 and press 1 to leave a message. Someone will call you as soon as possible. You may also click here to submit a prayer request.

Faith Connections

Here are some wonderful resources from our Faith Formation team.

Fall Into New Habits

Let’s be honest, most of are not good at building new habits. Sure, we start off strong, but after a couple of days we tend to fall into old patterns. Good habits are even harder to develop when the world is turned upside down.  But, hope springs eternal! As we get ready to start a new season, which will bring new challenges, let’s do ourselves and our families a favor by building new good habits. Ready? Here we go!

1. Establish a Sunday morning routine. Whether in your pjs on your couch or in your Sunday best in the sanctuary, there really is no good excuse to skip worship this fall. Make time for it, and make it part of your kid’s weekly routine as well.
2. Establish a lifegroup/bible study routine. We are offering many great ways to learn, grow, and be connected to others this fall. So dust off your communication skills and join a group, either digital or in person!
3. Keep your kids/grand kids connected to faith. We know this has been an exhausting season of life for parents and caregivers, but our little ones are watching us, and this is the perfect time to teach them to lean on their faith when life seems uncertain. Let’s be sure to give our time and attention to the gift of a strong faith that will go with them every day for the rest of their lives.
4. Pray for our church. Knowing what to do and how to do it has been a challenge. Pray for our church, our leaders, and our entire congregation, that we be ready serve God well into the new future.
5. Seek ways to serve others. There is no better time than the present to share the blessings of God’s Grace and Love with others. Intentionally seek ways to show others what it means to live as a beloved child of God.

Dig into the Word

Carve out some time to reflect on scripture with the weekly sermon.
Connect with our Facebook page to find devotions, prayers, and messages from our pastors and staff.

Sink into a comfy chair – Read, Pray, Meditate

Carve just 5 minutes out of your day to listen intentionally for God. Read your bible, sit in silence, pray.
These are just some of our favorite resources.

The Daily Examen, in Six Simple Steps

This wonderful resource from our Roman Catholic friends will walk you through a practice called the Examen – an instrospective prayer done at the end of each day. Click here to download.

Children’s Activity Sheets

Children’s Worship Bulletins have put together some activity sheets and coloring pages for your little ones to do at home. Click here to download activities.

Caring For Our Loved Ones

This is a challenging time for folks of all ages, but can be especially confusing for children and youth.  Here are some resources to help you and your entire family during this time.

Parent Cue – Helping parents do family better

We LOVE the Parent Cue App. It provides timely tips and weekly advice to match the differing phases of your children. Download now in the App Store or on Google Play. Be sure to select Trinity Lutheran Camp Hill as your congregation!

A Checklist for a Successful Socially-Distanced School Year

Maybe you’re one of those parents who has cherished more “together” time with family during the Covid pandemic quarantine. Or maybe you’re one of those parents who has kept a calendar of when the kids would *hopefully* return to school and counted down the days since Day #1 of summer. Probably for most of us, it’s a mixture of both. We’re anxious about our kids’ safety and health, but we also know it’s time to return to “normal” life as much as possible. No matter where you land, we want to help make the transition as smooth as possible for you and your family! (Read More…)

Passing Down a Faith-Filled Life, Not a Trial-Free Life

Do you remember the first time your child was in harm’s way? I remember the time my oldest kicked a bright bouncy ball and landed on her head on the concrete. I remember when my youngest got her feelings hurt by a friend and cried real tears, not whiny tears. I’ve watched my kids hurt many times, and it stinks. My knee-jerk reaction is to protect, hover, block, or tattle. Basically do anything to prevent my children from feeling pain. (Read More…)

The Big Rocks

One of the most sobering truths about parenting is that you are teaching your children something, whether you are being intentional or not. Sure, you may not teach your children everything they need to know about Calculus or Biology. But your children are learning things from you as a parent that they will carry with them for the rest of their life. (Read More…)

Be Okay With Saying “I Don’t Know”

As parents, we all know how much kids love to ask questions, many of which start with the word, “Why.” These questions may start out simple: Why is the sky blue?” or “Why can’t I have another piece of cake?” But when it comes to developing a child’s faith, soon enough, these questions will progress to something more challenging. Questions like . . . “Why do bad things happen?” or “Why does it feel like God doesn’t care?”(Read More…)

Still looking for more resources?

Being a parent can be exciting, joyful, frustrating, and downright complicated. We want you to know that you are not alone in this parenting journey. Trinity is here for you, every step of the way. On our Parents page you will find resources to help you and your entire family in your daily lives.