STEWARDSHIP is living a life of gratitude and generosity
for all God has done for us in Jesus Christ.” ~ Pastor Jack Horner

2018 Estimate of Giving Form

2018 Estimate of Giving

Download and Print EOG Card
Submit Online

Can’t find your Giving envelopes?  Don’t want to write out a check?  No worries!

You can Give online or via the Giving Station in our Gathering Space.

Or you can use the Give+ app on your mobile device.

Or you can Give by text message! 
Just send a text to 717-963-2281. Enter amount in the message space (you must use the dollar sign – example: $50.) Within minutes, sometimes seconds, you’ll get a text with a link to register. Click it, enter cardholder name and email, credit/debit card number, exp. date (no slash), and security code. You’ll receive a text and email confirmation. Easy, secure, and quick enough to do during the offering. No need to register the next time-just text the amount!