Zoom with Pastor Horner
April 27, 2024

We understand that many of you have questions and comments about Christ Lutheran Church, Filey’s, and the possibility of a second ministry site. We hear you, and we’d like to answer your questions.

Join our Zoom meeting on Saturday, April 27, led by Pastor Horner, where we will discuss the ministry expansion opportunity. Starting at 6:30 pm, this meeting offers a unique platform for you to interact with Pastor Horner and directly ask him your questions.

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Christ Lutheran Church, Filey’s
Dillsburg, PA 

Trinity Camp Hill has been asked to take part in a new ministry opportunity. Christ Lutheran Church, Filey’s in Dillsburg is merging with St. Peter’s Lutheran Church. Bishop Dunlop has invited a conversation between Trinity Camp Hill and Christ Lutheran regarding gifting their building to Trinity for the establishment of a second ministry site.
Please prayerfully consider all aspects of this expansion. You may utilize this page to help guide your thoughts and decisions.

What is the main goal of expanding our outreach to Dillsburg?

The main goal is reaching people with the gospel closer to where they live. Currently, Trinity has 432 members living within 10 minutes of this location. The surrounding community is also growing in population.

Why is this happening so fast?

Christ Lutheran Church, Filey’s is merging with St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Mechanicsburg and thereby ending their religious incorporation by June 30, 2024. We are currently working within their timeframe.

What has happened so far? 

1. Bishop Dunlap came to Pastor Horner with this opportunity in February, 2024. Pastor Horner informed staff and council members of this opportunity.
2. At the Council meeting on February 13, Pastor Horner moved that staff and council of Trinity Camp Hill engage in conversation with the Council of Christ Lutheran Church, Filey’s, in Dillsburg, regarding the possibility of gifting of their church facility and property to Trinity to expand our ministry and reach.
3. After the February Council meeting, an Exploratory Task Force was formed. Members of the Task Force included Pastor Horner, Ryan Sheaffer, Bill Bishop, Dave Butcher, Dave Rupnik, Bob Frymoyer, Jason Sourbeer, David Holste, and Moses Kavishe. Additionally, Beth Maurer and Julie Ward were added to the Task Force.
4. The Task Force met multiple times during the month of March to assess this ministry expansion possibility. The Task Force diligently spent many hours assessing the feasibility of this expansion. They have considered key aspects of this opportunity, such as financial, staffing, and logistical needs.  The Task Force also met with Filey’s Council to understand more of the concerns and goals that the congregation of Filey’s had.  
5. On March 24, all pastors gave an oral update on the progress of the Task Force. The congregation was informed that Council was meeting on April 7, 2024 to hear the findings of the Task Force.
6. On April 7, the Task Force met and voted to recommend to Council that they accept this gift. They stated this gift and possibility of expansion aligns with Trinity’s mission statement, strategic goals, and our desire as a congregation to share God’s Word.
7. Then, on April 7, Trinity’s Council heard the findings and recommendation of the Task Force. They unanimously voted that Trinity’s congregation should vote on receiving the gift of this property. A Special Congregation Meeting was called.
8. On April 14, Council President Ryan Sheaffer had a Mission Moment at all services to inform and update the congregation about Christ Lutheran Church, Filey’s. Ryan announced to all members a Forum on April 21 and a Special Congregational Meeting on April 28 would be held.
9. On April 21, members of the congregation attended the Forum in Room 126. More details about the Forum can be found below.

Forum about Christ Lutheran Church, Filey’s 

The Forum was led by Council President Ryan Sheaffer and members of the Task Force. It was recorded and transcribed for those members who could not attend. Please click on the button below to read the forum transcription.
Read the Forum here

What happens if the congregation votes yes?

If the congregation votes yes on April 28, Trinity will immediately start phase 1 of Ministry Expansion. This starts the transition of becoming a multi-site church. Trinity will become one church with two locations.

What are the phases of Ministry Expansion?

There are currently four phases of Ministry Expansion that Trinity Camp Hill will follow. If the congregation votes yes, the first phase will begin in Summer of 2024. The expansion phases will continue until, or beyond, Fall of 2025. Read more details about each phase by clicking below.
Read the phases of Ministry Expansion here

What about a budget?

We have created a three-year projection for ministry needs if we were to acquire Christ Lutheran Church, Filey’s. Click below to learn more about our financial needs.
Read the three-year budget here

What happens if the congregation votes no?

If the congregation votes no on April 28, Christ Lutheran Church, Filey’s will close. The existing Preschool and Daycare will also close. Trinity Camp Hill will continue as a single site church.

Take action. Come to the Special Congregational Meeting to vote on receiving this gift.

On Sunday, April 28, 2024, there will be a Special Congregational Meeting following the 11 am services. The meeting will be held in Fellowship Hall. To vote, you must be a confirmed member who has communed and made a contribution during the current or preceding year. 

Still have questions? 

We know that many of you have questions about the plans for expansion. If you have immediate questions before Sunday, April 28, please email council.president@trinitycamphill.org or call the church office to speak to a pastor.

Click below to see the two documents that were sent out in the mail on April 12, 2024.

Letter to the Congregation from Council President Ryan SheafferQuestions and Answers about Christ Lutheran Church, Filey's

Photos of Christ Lutheran Church, Filey’s