The Adventures of Flat Jesus

Flat Jesus was created as way to keep us connected as we approach the busy summer season! Pick up your own Flat Jesus in the Gathering Space, or download here*.  You will want to take Flat Jesus with you everywhere you go – the beach, out to dinner, your own backyard! Snap pictures and post them to our Facebook page, tweet to us (@trinitycamphill), or send them via e-mail so that we can all journey together.  (Use the  hashtag #TLCFlatJesus)

Our Flat Jesus adventures will be displayed in the Gathering Space during the month of July.  In late August, we will hold a celebration where prizes will be given away in several categories (i.e. best outfit, best travel story, farthest distance traveled, most check-ins at Trinity, etc.) Stay tuned for more details.

* If you print and color your own Flat Jesus, you can drop him off in the office to be laminated. This way it will hold up for you all summer long! Please include your full name, e-mail address, and phone number so that we can make sure that he gets back to you.

Flat Jesus can go anywhere – the beach, across the country, or into your backyard! We want to see ALL of his adventures!

Summer Resources

Each Flat Jesus will come along with some fun Summer Resources for you and your family to enjoy! Download your own here.

Kindness Bingo – Let’s play Bingo! When you complete one of the Random Acts of Kindness on your board, mark it off. Starting in July, each time you get “BINGO” bring your card back to Trinity to collect a prize and a new Bingo sheet! How many acts of kindness can we perform this summer?
Finger Labyrinth
Family Conversation Starters