Celebrating Holy Week From Home

Even though we cannot be together physically during this Holy Week, we are still here for you. On this page you will find devotions,
messages from the pastors, special activities, and more. As Easter approaches, remember God’s promise of new life
through Jesus’ resurrection. God’s promise means that you can shout Alleluia on Easter Sunday no matter where you are.


Holy Week messages will be posted here Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
4/6 “Wasted Monday,” Pastor Frey
4/7 “Wise Tuesday,” Pastor Horner
4/8 “Spy Wednesday,” Pastor Brock

Worship services will be livestreamed for Maundy Thursday (7 pm), Good Friday (7 pm), and Easter Sunday (11 am.) Click here to watch live. 


Arrested, abandoned, and put to death

Devotional readings from the gospel of Matthew accompanied by a photo, a quote to ponder, a reflection and a prayer show us Jesus’ wondrous love. Click here to get started.

Make Your Own Holy Week Display

We can’t be together this year to “Follow the Footsteps” so we are bringing it to your home! This simple, interactive activity will take you from Palm Sunday through Jesus in the tomb. We have included lessons and scripture readings, simple crafts, things to talk about, and fun activities to get your entire family engaged!

You are encouraged to do this at your own pace – all at once or spread throughout Holy Week. We would love to see your Holy Week Display from beginning to end. Snap lots of pictures and share them with us on Facebook or via email (Danelle.andrews@trinitycamphill.org).

Click here to download the guide that includes everything you need to complete this activity.

Way of the Cross

An ancient, spiritual practice is the Stations of the Cross. The Way of the Cross, written in many times and ways, is a text that serves as a guide for each practitioner. As we pass from station to station, we are reminded of the final episodes or events in the life of Christ, once Christ’s last supper with his disciples is done.

Artists from Trinity have created emblems of the stations in a variety of media appealing to our several senses even while acknowledging the many textures of creation. The text in our Way of the Cross is in three parts for each station: Scripture to mark the event; reflective text in the imagined, inner voice of the suffering Christ; and guided prayer. All this becomes Trinity’s practice, the Stations of the Cross and our way to the Cross.

As you come to each station, you are invited to open your heart in your beholding, your reading, and your praying. We need to know what Christ endured and gave for us. It is good for us to know that we have a part in Christ, and each other, through the salvation of sacrifice.  May God keep us all, during the Passion of Christ and always.

Click here to begin.

Easter Jam 2020

Looking for ONE way to celebrate Easter with your WHOLE family? That’s why we are bringing you Easter Jam. A fun and simple at-home experience big enough for your whole family—yep, from preschool to high school, diapers to dirty socks. Easter Jam is an at-home Easter experience you will never forget. Download the Instructions and Supply Lists now. Click here to watch the video.

Additional Holy Week Resources

Paint Your Door/Chalk Your Walk

Grab painter’s tape along with some washable paints or colored chalk to create your own “stained” glass artwork on a door/window or sidewalk. Folks recommend using washable finger paint, window markers, or Acrylic Paint mixed with dish soap (1-2 drops of dish soap/2T of Acrylic Paint) on glass. Any colored chalk works for driveways and sidewalks. Have fun!

Make your own Easter Story Bracelet

Explaining Easter to very young children can be challenging. The Easter Story Bracelet craft will help young children remember the “timeline” for events a little better. Click here to view the instructions!

Take a Family Easter Walk

Break out of your house and enjoy this fun Easter scavenger hunt with your family! This is a great way to engage your entire family and get some fresh air and exercise at the same time!

Create your own Alleluia poster from our friends at Illustrated Ministry

Over the past couple of weeks, many people have found beautiful ways to paint the windows of their homes or leave inspiring and hope-filled messages in sidewalk chalk around their neighborhoods. As our team thought about what else we could offer to make Easter fun and celebratory, we designed a brand-new Alleluia poster illustration that could be colored and displayed in homes around the world. Click here to print.