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Famous last words come in a lot of different forms. Some are thought provoking and profound, some are ironic and sad, and some are surprisingly ordinary and normal. But no matter what, there’s a reason they’re memorable. We remember last words not because of what was said, but because of when they were said. These words have power because of their context.

For the next few weeks, we’re going to look at some famous last words that are definitely worth remembering: some of the last words of Jesus. As Jesus journeyed with His disciples toward Jerusalem, He knew His death was approaching. And the things He said in the moments leading up to, and following His crucifixion are certainly worth remembering. In studying this part of His life, we’ll see that Jesus’ famous last words can help us take some of the first steps toward living the life God intended for us.

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Week 1 – Remember What God Has Done For You

We all have ways of remembering things. Maybe we make lists, or mark things on calendars, or have certain places we put things so we don’t forget them. There are so many things we can do to make sure we remember what’s important. Why? Because forgetfulness can cause problems. Not only does forgetfulness make simple things in our dayto-day lives more difficult, it can also have a serious impact on our relationship with God.

When we forget who God is and what He’s done for us, it opens the door for things like doubt, or fear, or uncertainty to creep into our faith. And over time, those things can grow, causing our faith to falter. This week, we’re going to look at the last meal Jesus shared with His disciples during His last days on Earth. And as we do, we’ll see how Jesus knew our forgetfulness might impact our faith. And instead of leaving us to figure it out, He gave us a way to remember. As we remember, we’ll see that God’s faithfulness is always greater than our forgetfulness.

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Week 2 – Unity Starts With You

Have you ever noticed that people tend to gravitate toward people that are like them? We all do this in one way or another! Maybe you spend more time with people in a similar life stage as you, or talk more with those who share your interests, or you make friends based on what you have in common. This is true for all of us! But what’s also true? We all have a tendency to move away from people who are different. And that reality is what we’re going to talk about this week.

We’re surrounded by people who are different from us every day. Even the people you have the most in common with, are different from you in some ways. God designed a diverse world, but it’s up to us to make sure our differences don’t make life more difficult. Because as it turns out, Jesus prayed about this exact subject moments before He was arrested. He used some of His famous last words to pray for unity.

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Week 3 – Trust Who God Is, Even When You Don’t Understand

Have you ever watched a TV show or movie, and it was really obvious who the bad guy was? Filmmakers do this on purpose, of course! They give us a strong first impression of the characters right from the start, so we know who we’re supposed to cheer for, and who we’re supposed to cheer against for the rest of the movie.

Sometimes we do the same thing in life. Have you ever made a snap judgment about someone? Regardless of whether or not you were right, we’ve all met people and judged them based on first impressions. We assumed they were the bad guys based solely on our own opinions. And if we’re honest, I think we’d admit that we also do this with God sometimes. At some point or another, we’ve seen God as the “bad guy” in our story—maybe when a circumstance was difficult, or when doubts felt heavy.

Sometimes we think God is distant from us, and trusting Him can be difficult when we feel this way. But with some of His last words, Jesus shows us just how we can trust God, even in the midst of situations we don’t understand.

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Week 4 – God’s Grace is Unfairly Good

No one likes it when life feels unfair. When someone at work gets a promotion over you, it’s frustrating. Or when you can’t seem to catch a break in your finances, it feels discouraging. But at the same time, we all root for life being unfair when it impacts other people. Like when a car speeds past you on the highway, but you later see that same car pulled over by the police, all feels right in the world. That’s fair!

It’s a strange tension, isn’t it? We like it when people get what they deserve, and not when they don’t. But we want the opposite for us! We don’t want what we deserve when it’s negative, right?

As we look at how Jesus responded to one of His disciples who certainly didn’t deserve a fair treatment, we’ll see that because of Jesus, all of us get more than we deserve.

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Week 5 – It’s Not About What You Do or Don’t Do. It’s About What Jesus Did. 

When you were a little kid, did you ever go to a fair or an amusement park? Maybe you were the type of kid who wanted to ride the craziest rides. You got to the amusement park, and you made a beeline for the roller coasters that went the highest or flipped the most. But as you approach your favorite rides, you know the sign to look out for—the one that divides people from riding the ride or sitting it out—the “You must be this tall to ride this ride” sign. And while that sign can create frustration for kids, it’s something we typically forget about as adults.

Funny enough, sometimes we see our relationship with God in a similar way. For many of us, following God feels a lot like that sign. It’s as if there’s a standard that we have to keep in order to be in good standing with God. But no matter what we do or don’t do, we seem to come up short anyway.

With three of His last words, Jesus put an end to this type of struggles. And He showed us that in order for us to experience a truly great life story, we need to depend entirely on understanding and acknowledging what He did to make us all right with Him.

Below you can watch this week’s video and download the discussion questions, daily scripture images, and devotions.