Trinity is a big place and we want to help you feel connected.
Take the leap with us in 2020 as we try “doing life together” in our new LifeGroups!

Are you looking for people you can count on? People you can’t stop laughing with? People who will support you, grow with you, encourage you? Then you are looking for a LifeGroup. Because, well, life is better together! Are you ready to get connected and join us on our new LifeGroups journey? Keep reading to learn more and to register.

What is a LifeGroup

Each LifeGroup will be different and unique, just like it’s members. We encourage groups to meet in homes or other comfortable settings that work best for the members of the group. The time and day of the meeting will be different for each LifeGroup. During group gatherings we expect you will do three simple things:

• Spend time together and get to know each other, as this will allow you to build deeper relationships.
• Spend time discussing the past Sunday’s sermon, using questions and dialogue topics provided. We hope you will grow to challenge each other to apply the sermons to your lives.
• Pray for each other. Group Gatherings are a safe, welcoming place for you to share your burdens, and your blessings, each week.

How will the LifeGroups be formed?

Participants will begin by filling out the form below and giving us some information about where you are in life. We will ask you to join us for two Sunday Morning LifeGroup Sessions (date and time TBD), where we will help you mix and mingle and begin to discover a good LifeGroup fit. Trinity staff will facilitate the placement of all interested persons in an appropriate group. Groups will consist of 8 – 11 participants who will be in a similar stage of life.

Interested in joining a LifeGroup? 

LifeGroups have launched for the Spring of 2020.  We will host another launch in late Summer/Early Fall 2020.  At the LifeGroup launch you will be able to meet other interested folks and find your “fit.”  LifeGroups will then start the following week and groups will commit to meeting together weekly for 8 weeks. After those first 8 weeks we hope you will choose to continue to meet together, but there is no obligation. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or are interested in becoming a LifeGroup Leader.  Contact Kelly Falck, Director of Faith Formation, at 717-737-8635 or via email at