Paintings and Drawings to Be Auctioned

As part of Mardi Gras in May, paintings and drawings of the late Trinity member Mary Kay Fager, and her painting friend, Ruth Ann Crawford, will be auctioned through a silent auction during the Mardi Gras in May celebration on May 5.

Paintings and Drawings by Mary Kay Fager

Small Oil House, New England – small size

Courtroom 3 – average size

Carlisle Courthouse – average size

City Island Water Taxi – average size

Courthouse – average size

Lamb of God – large size – award winner

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Noel Angel – large size – award winner

New Orleans Horse – small size

Quebec Elevator – large size

New Orleans Riverboat – small size

Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac Hotel, Quebec – large size

New Orleans Store 2 – small size

Quebec Houses – large size

Steelton 1945 – small size

Rockville Bridge – average size

Still Life with Hat – large size

Flowers – average size

White Cat – small size

Siamese Cat – average size

Watercolors by Ruth Ann Crawford

Venice – small size

Ship and Pier – large size

Houses – average size