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Message: “Gratitude and Thankfulness” from Good Things Come In Threes

By November 17, 2021

Good Things Come In Threes - March 30, 2022

Live Like Jesus: Caring for Souls

Good Things Come In Threes

As followers of Jesus we are called to walk alongside our brothers and sisters in times of joy and sorrow. Listen to hear the pastors share their personal stories of caring for others and the impact those moments have had on their lives. Also, in our “3 Good Things” segment Pastor Jack will share some VERY GOOD news about a “promotion” that is coming his way this summer! You don’t want to miss this!

From Series: "Good Things Come In Threes"

A trio of personable Lutheran pastors from south central Pennsylvania reflect on relatable topics. Pastors Jack Horner, John Brock and Liz Frey from Trinity Camp Hill draw you in with their camaraderie. Often light-hearted, their conversations confirm how God is at work in your world.

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