Message: “Live a Better Story: Happy, Regardless” from Wednesday Connect

By October 3, 2019

Wednesday Connect - October 9, 2019

Live a Better Story: Happy, Regardless

As we learned in the first week of this series, one of the main problems with happiness is that it’s extremely fickle. It’s slippery. One moment happiness is all ours, and the next, it’s gone. Happiness is so slippery because it depends on circumstances—it’s in and out of our grasp as our lives journey up and down. Happiness can’t stand up to life’s challenging circumstances. Thankfully, Jesus offers us something much better than mere happiness—He offers us joy. While happiness depends on circumstances, joy transcends them. While happiness is chained to our external circumstances, joy is rooted inside of us. And we can find joy by focusing on something other than our circumstances—by focusing on Jesus. Living in joy isn’t just a perspective change—it’s a reality change.

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