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By October 28, 2019

Wednesday Connect - October 30, 2019

Live a Better Story: Quick Test

We all love the idea of having an indicator or a measurement of how we’re doing. We track how many steps we take each day. We count calories. We monitor our spending habits. Do you ever wish you had a way to know whether you’re doing well or poorly in what really matters in life? Like in your faith and in your relationship with God? Fortunately for us, God gave us an indicator. He told us that one of the best ways to know whether we’re experiencing the better life is to look at the fruit we’re producing. Those who follow God will produce the fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and self-control. Those who are living on their own will produce something different—hatred, discord, and anger. This week we’ll learn how to tell what our lives are producing and what we can do to produce more good fruit—more love and less hate. Ultimately, our stories are either moving toward love, toward joy, toward peace, or away from it. And it’s up to us to discern the direction we’re going.

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