Message: “Live a Better Story: Ultimate Power” from Wednesday Connect

By October 15, 2019

Wednesday Connect - October 23, 2019

Live a Better Story: Ultimate Power

Many of us think that powerful people are men and women who lead Fortune 500 companies, or are heads of banks, or are politicians making policy decisions for millions of people. We rarely consider ourselves to be powerful. But the truth is that each of us has some sort of power. Whether in our jobs, our families, or our neighborhoods, we all have the ability to influence those around us. The question we must then answer is: What are we doing with the power we have? How we choose to answer will affect our ability to experience the full, abundant, better life Jesus promised. Power, in any form, can be used to benefit the person who holds it or to serve the people who are under it. When we look at Jesus’ life, we see the perfect example of how to use power. As the Son of God, He had more power than anyone on Earth, but instead of wielding His power like a self-serving weapon, He used it to serve others. Since we all have power in one form or another, it’s our responsibility to use it to make other’s lives better, and as we do, we just might make our lives better too.

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