Oh…Now I Get It!

by: Kelly Falck, Director of Faith Formation, Wife, and Mother of 3

I remember being a naive newlywed thinking, “Oh how I long for a baby.” After a few years of trying, a baby was finally on the way and soon I was flooded with advice from loving family, friends, and even the ladies in the grocery store. I listened politely, nodded a lot, and thought to myself, “You’re nice, but I’ve got this…no worries, no fear… I’m going to knock this parenthood thing out of the park.”

Well, now I get it. I was so worried about getting it right, that I didn’t really listen to those who had walked this parenthood journey ahead of me. I didn’t listen when they said things like: “Nothing can prepare you for the love you will instantly feel for that tiny human.” “You’ll be exhausted…for years!” “Don’t rush them into potty training – diapers are a lot easier to travel in!” “Don’t worry about that pacifier, no one ever stands up to receive their diploma with a binky in their mouth!” “Having another child? Just watch, they’ll be so different from your oldest!”

Through countless sleepless nights, picky eaters, potty training disasters, tantrums, failed hygiene lessons, sports team rejections, homework dilemmas, discipline mistakes and so much more…Well, now I get it.

Everyone on this parenthood journey knows that it will be harder – and more rewarding – than you could ever imagine at the start. And at some point on the journey you will probably begin to feel compelled to tell others about the things you have learned. That’s why I’m so passionate about bringing the “Just a Phase” project to Trinity. We all need support, advice, compassion and insight for this parenthood journey. This page will offer some of our favorite posts, blogs, podcasts, and reminders from Christian leaders around the country.

You see, now I get it…And if you’re ready to listen, I’d love to share some thoughts with you!