With “One Congregation, One Book,” we come together as one to focus on a single book of the Bible over a period of weeks.
For June and July, we’ll focus on the Book of Acts or, more specifically, The Acts of the Apostles.

What did the Apostles do as they grew the Body of Christ through the middle decades of the First Century? How were they unstoppable in defending their faith through struggles and frustrations and, yes, through joys and growth?

That was then. But what’s relevant NOW to our own struggles, frustrations, joys, and growth? Do the lives of believers from nearly 2,000 years ago really match up with our own lives? Are there answers to help us today when there’s political unrest, social discord, and economic hardship?

Here are ways you can participate in this seven-week study:

  • Follow this Acts reading plan as you read along with your Trinity family.
  • • Hear weekly sermons about what those unstoppable Apostles did.
  • Register here to join a Zoom small group with leaders to guide you through each week’s study.
  • • Each week, view a brief pastor-created video and related discussion guide right here on our website.
  • • Join weekly chats live with the pastors on Facebook (Wednesdays at 7 pm) as you ponder related points and questions.

Week 1: Make a Difference

Pastor Jack Horner

We are going to take you on a journey of faith through the Book of Acts with our new series “One Congregation, One Book.” The Book of Acts, or more specifically the Acts of the Apostles follows the early disciples of Jesus from the days immediately following the Resurrection, all the way through the church reaching Rome. This book is filled with fantastic stories and “characters” that help us to understand the development of the early church, and the implications it has on us today.  We discover many of the foundational elements of what it means to be the church.

Watch this week’s video entitled “Make a Difference” with Pastor Jack Horner. Then use the questions, reading plan, Zoom chats, and Points to Ponder discussion to dig deeper.

Week 2: When the **** Hits the Fan

Pastor John Brock

We pick up our story with chapters 5 through 7 in the Book of Acts. The Apostles are living together in community, sharing what they have so none would be in need. They were spreading the message of Jesus and the church was growing. But, things were about to “hit the fan.”

This week we will talk about these difficult instances that the Apostles encountered and how that impacts our life today. Let’s be real, things in our world right now are pretty unsettled. There is a lot of big stuff hitting the fan. But, there are smaller things as well. Things in our everyday lives can get out of control quickly. How do you handle these big and small situations? And, have you ever been the cause of these situations? Could any of these moments been avoided?

Watch this week’s video entitled “When the **** Hits the Fan” with Pastor John Brock. Then use the questions, reading plan, Zoom chats, and Points to Ponder discussion to dig deeper.

Week 3: Working With People You Don’t Like

Pastor Liz Frey

Have you ever been asked to work with someone that you didn’t like? Most of us, at some time in our life, have been put in a position to help someone we just didn’t get along with. To put differences aside for the “greater good.”

In our story this week we will hear about a man named Saul and a disciple named Ananias. Saul was a pretty unlikeable person, especially for those who were followers of Jesus. But, God uses Saul and Ananias to show us the power of transformation.

Are you paying attention to the transformations happening in your life? Not only for you personally, but for those around you. Is God inviting you, at this time, to see yourself and others in a new way? In a way that challenges what you thought you knew? In ways that break free from what society has told you is normal?

Watch this week’s video entitled “Working With People You Don’t Like” with Pastor Liz Frey. Then use the questions, reading plan, Zoom chats, and Points to Ponder discussion to dig deeper.

Week 4: The Dream That Changed the World

Pastor Jack Horner

Have you ever had a dream that really shook you? A dream that you just couldn’t stop thinking about after you woke up? Did you act on that dream?

In today’s story we hear about two very different men who had dreams, but not just regular dreams. Confusing dreams, vivid dreams, dreams so impactful that they acted upon them. These dreams were “game changers.” These dreams changed how people viewed religion, especially in the Jewish Tradition.

Imagine what could happen in our world if we really listened to our dreams. What if we acted when we were moved by the Holy Spirit? What if we really truly listened to and trusted in God, like the men in our story? How could we change the world? How could we change our communities? Our homes? Our lives?

Watch this week’s video entitled “The Dream That Changed the World” with Pastor Jack Horner. Then use the questions, reading plan, Zoom chats, and Points to Ponder discussion to dig deeper.