New Bible Study Series after Easter
Thursdays April 16, 23, 30
7 pm Via Zoom
Hosted by Kelly Falck with the pastors

None of us enjoy waiting, right? Whether we’re on hold with customer service, stuck in traffic, or waiting for our order at a restaurant, we want what we want, when we want it—which is generally right now. But it’s even more difficult to wait when the stakes are higher. We really have a tough time waiting when it involves an area of our lives that we care deeply about.

And when it comes to our relationship with God, it can often feel like, well, we’re stuck waiting. Either we don’t know what He’s doing in our lives, or we don’t know what we’re doing in His plan. It’s easy for our relationship with God to feel like we’re stuck on hold, waiting for some word or some sign from Him.

This bible study of the book of Job was designed and created prior to the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, but many of the lessons about WAITING are quite relevant to our lives during this time of imposed isolation.
Join us each week via ZOOM to see each other, touch base, and talk about what God might be revealing to us during this time of being ON HOLD.
New to ZOOM? No problem. You just need a reliable internet connection and a device with camera and microphone.

This class will be led by Faith Formation Director, Kelly Falck.

  • Let us know if you will be joining us! In order to keep this group secure and private, we will only be sharing the Zoom meeting information with folks who have registered. You may register by emailing us or simply filling out the form below. Please try to register before 6:30 pm on Thursday evening, that way we have enough time to get you set up for the Zoom call.  Thank you!

Week 1 – Sometimes we’re on hold for God

The reality is that most of us are waiting on something. And when that something is important, waiting can be much more challenging, even painful. And while waiting is difficult for everyone, it can feel more difficult when we put God in the equation. Because, if we’re really honest, when we’re waiting, and waiting, and waiting on God to help us, it can affect how we view Him. The delay feels personal. We try to figure out if we’ve done something wrong, or how we can do something better, all in the hopes that finally God will move on our behalf. But what if we’re missing the point of being on hold? What if the reason for our waiting is in the process, not the resolution?

Below you can watch this week’s video and download the discussion questions, daily scripture images, and devotions.

Week 2 – Waiting isn’t Wasting

The reason being put on hold is so frustrating is because the longer we wait, the more ignored and undervalued we can feel. We start to believe that the person on the other line doesn’t think we’re important. We find ourselves getting annoyed, impatient or even angry, because when we’re put on hold, it feels like our time is being wasted.

No one wants to waste time—it is valuable, and we have a limited amount of it. This week, we’re going to get another perspective on waiting from the story of Job. We’re going to see that waiting for something or someone may not be wasting time. Maybe, waiting is developing something in us that we couldn’t obtain any other way.

Below you can watch this week’s video and download the discussion questions, daily scripture images, and devotions.

Week 3 – God’s love is never on hold

When you were a kid, your parents typically had total control of the resources you needed. So you asked for things, A LOT. But as we got older, we tended to ask for things less and less. A reason for that would be that as adults, we have more autonomy and the ability to get things on our own. We also develop a realization that constantly badgering someone, isn’t always effective and definitely annoying.

When someone doesn’t respond the first time to our requests, we stop asking. For many of us, this same mentality creeps into our relationship with God. We ask for something once and when He doesn’t immediately respond, we feel ignored and don’t bother bringing it up again. But what if God actually wanted us to keep asking? What if continually approaching God, asking of God, was something that God loved—even desired of us? We may feel like kids asking for the same thing over and over again, but maybe that’s exactly what God wants for us.

Below you can watch this week’s video and download the discussion questions, daily scripture images, and devotions.