No one has more potential to influence your child than you.

Being a parent can be exciting, joyful, frustrating, and downright complicated. We want you to know that you are not alone in this parenting journey.
Trinity is here for you, every step of the way. On this page you will find resources to help you and your entire family in your daily lives.

FAITH Conversation Guide for Parents of Elementary Schoolers

Faith. In the elementary school years, kids become equipped with the skills they need to discover more about faith, and they have an active imagination that leads them to ask questions about their world and what they experience. As they learn new stories from the Bible, you’ll be amazed at the questions they start to consider. The best thing to remember is (Read more…)

Developing Competence During Elementary School

As children enter and grow through elementary school, their world and their sense of possibilities expand. They are developing the knowledge and skills that help them be competent in many areas of development. Their sense of the world’s possibilities expands—both its opportunities and its dangers. And they are also spending much less time, on average, with their parents than they used to.  (Read more…)

Parent Cue – Helping parents do family better

A brand new way to look at parenting and our journey together. Get connected to the folks at PARENT CUE to find thoughtful, funny, inspiring resources to accompany you on this journey. Visit their website or download the App. The App provides timely tips and weekly advice to match the differing phases of your children. Be sure to select Trinity Lutheran Camp Hill as your congregation!