No one has more potential to influence your pre-teen or teen than you.

Being a parent can be exciting, joyful, frustrating, and downright complicated. We want you to know that you are not alone in this parenting journey.
Trinity is here for you, every step of the way. On this page you will find resources to help you and your entire family in your daily lives.

FAITH Conversation Guide for Parents of Middle Schoolers

Faith. Middle School is a new and exciting time for kids, accompanied by lots of change. And with all that change comes the opportunity for a lot of growth in key areas, including faith. As kids make their way through the middle school years, they are transitioning from a time where their faith has primarily been a by-product of their parent’s faith and mostly reactive, rather than proactive. But these are the years when they take initiative (Read more…)

Discovering Themselves As Young Adolescents

These years are a pivotal time when young people begin to discover who they are and their place in the world. With a growing ability to see the consequences of different actions, tweens and young teens are more able to think like adults, but they don’t have the experience and judgment needed to act like adults. Strong support can help them develop the confidence they need to make positive choices as they sort out who they are and how they fit with others. Check out these resources for parents of middle schoolers from our friends at the Search Institute by clicking here.

FAITH Conversation Guide for Parents of High Schoolers

Faith. Your teen is in a phase when the complexities of the world, and their life in particular, are becoming more obvious than ever before. The answers that seemed simple in their childlike faith aren’t cutting it, and the black and white certainties that once seemed rock solid feel a little crumbly and gray. And that’s okay. As their way of viewing the world matures and grows, the way they understand faith should grow, too. Allowing them  (Read more…)

Preparing for Adulthood through the High School Years

From our friends at the Search Institute. Through the high school years and during middle adolescence, young people are preparing for adult responsibilities and independence. They are sorting through their interests, priorities, friendships, purpose, and other areas of life. Some are caught up in the everyday moments. Others focus on their futures, including work, education after high school, and making a difference in society. (Read more…)

Sticky Faith for Parents

Sticky Faith Parents by the Fuller Youth Institute is designed for parents who are concerned about how faith is shaping their children’s life, what will happen to their faith when they leave home, and how to help build Sticky Faith in their kids – and provides practical relationship and programming ideas that develop long-term faith in teenagers. (Read more…)

Parent Cue – Helping parents do family better

A brand new way to look at parenting and our journey together. Get connected to the folks at PARENT CUE to find thoughtful, funny, inspiring resources to accompany you on this journey. Visit their website or download the App. The App provides timely tips and weekly advice to match the differing phases of your children. Be sure to select Trinity Lutheran Camp Hill as your congregation!