Welcome to Day 1 of Rocky Railway VBS!

Jesus' power helps us to do hard things! (TRUST JESUS!)

Sing and Play Express

Welcome to Day 1 of Rocky Railway! Get your day started with Engineer Amy at Sing and Play Express! Each day you will start right here to sing, have fun, and celebrate Jesus’ power. You will meet the daily Bible Buddy, learn the Bible point, and get a chance to visit with one of Conductor Amy’s new friends, Cam Track. Watch Now!

Singing and dancing aren’t for you? No problem! Click here to watch all of the fun, without the music!

Bible Adventures
Ananias helps Saul. (Acts 9:1-19)

Life is not always easy. We all have things that are hard for us to do — jobs that seem too big to do or stuff that seems too complicated to even try. In today’s story, Ananias is asked to do something REALLY hard! Watch now to see how he handles the situation.

Imagination Station
Off-Rail Rollers 

Welcome to Imagination Station! This week we are going to discover some incredible things about Jesus’ power. Today we’re discovering that Jesus’ power helps us do hard things! (Trust Jesus!) We are going to be creating a fun gizmo called an “Off-Rail Roller!” Check out the video now and let your imagination run wild!

Loco Motion Games
Runaway Train

Watch Out!! A runaway train is heading your way and it is completely out-of-control! It can be scary when things are out of control in real life, but our fears and worries can be calmed when we give our attention to Jesus and ask for his help. Jesus’ power can help us do hard things! (Trust Jesus!) Watch now to see how focusing on something that’s calm and steady can help you in this out-of-control-fun game!

Chew Chew Express
Chew Chew Track

Snack is one of the best parts of our Vacation Bible School! Each day you and your family can prepare your own Rocky Railway themed snack at home. Check out today’s “Chew Chew Track” treat!