The Way of the Cross is an ancient devotion that combines movement, prayer, and reflection. We’ve updated the walk – 9 stations rather than 14 – while still using our spiritual imagination to place ourselves with Jesus as he suffers and dies.

Walk the Way of the Cross at Trinity on Friday, April 15, between noon and 3 pm. This 20-30 minute activity is perfect for families and people of all ages. A Trinity pastor leads each group through the 9 stations, starting with Jesus’ being condemned and ending with his glorious rising from the dead. As you stop at each station, you’ll participate in a one-line guided response, followed by a short scripture reading that tells The Story. You’ll end with a prayer and singing of Were You There. It’s a poignant way to remember the moments of Christ’s holy passion.

Can’t make it to our event? No problem! If you can not attend our event on April 15, we encourage you to participate by walking The Way here at Trinity at another time, at home, or in a nearby park with friends or loved ones. You can “walk” The Way by yourself, too, either physically or by sitting reflectively where you are. You will find it to be a poignant experience in preparation for the amazing joy of Easter Sunday. Just follow this program. (Pause at each station to read, pray, and sing as you remember and contemplate these moments in Christ’s Holy Passion.)  If you are walking on Trinity grounds, you will find station markers around our property. As you arrive at each station, scan the QR code for the reading, prayer, and song.