For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.

“I serve at Trinity now because I want to make sure I can give a fun environment full of fellowship to the current Youth of Trinity. Youth Group provided me with a safe place to share my feelings, learn about Jesus, and get through a lot of hard times in my life. I want to continue the traditions of Trinity YG and make sure all Youth have the opportunity to utilize it as a safe space to grow their faith and make friends!”

Meet Will and Brenna

Hello! My name is Will Shields. I have been a member of Trinity Lutheran Church since I was born. I was baptized at Trinity, confirmed at Trinity, went through Sunday School at Trinity, was in the choir at Trinity, and most importantly to me, I was an active member of the Trinity Youth Group. In my opinion, the best thing about Trinity is the Youth Group. My fiancé, Brenna Curran, and I have been volunteering as Trinity Youth Group advisors since February 2021. It has been a great honor to get to be a role model for today’s youth and help them become who they want to be. We plan to continue as the leaders of Trinity YG as long as we can continue to make an impact on the Youth. We are looking forward to meeting more Trinity youth! Parents, please feel free to email us at with any questions you may have. Thanks!


Will & Brenna

Youth Group meets the

second and fourth Sunday

each month from 6-8pm.

Important YG Forms

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Be in the know!

The next ELCA YOUTH GATHERING is now July 24 – 28, 2022. This is national church Sr. High event that occurs only once every 4 years. There will be an IMPORTANT  Registration begins in late September 2021. More details to come as we move forward.

YG Service Project Opportunities

Your help is needed!!  

Pink Hands of Hope
Transport bags of clothing twice a month from “Pink Hands of Hope” to Community Aid. “Pink Hands of Hope” is an organization sponsored by Trinity that is dedicated to helping local people who are in cancer treatment. It’s funded mainly by their thrift store which sells used clothing and accessories. In the process of accepting donations, many are found to be unsellable and are then given to Community Aid who in turn gives a donation to a local nonprofit organization based on poundage. This is where you come in. These bags (20-30/month) need to be picked up every 2 weeks (Sat. 11-3) and driven to Community Aid. Bonus: If there are members of YG that will take on this project, YG would get a quarterly payment from Community Aid. Win for YG and PHOH!! Interested or want more info? Contact  Maggie Ackerman at:

The Ecumenical Food Pantry
This is a constant need and opportunity for the YG to take part in. It is located in Messiah Lutheran in Downtown, Harrisburg. It is run by a member of our church and former YG mom, Lynn Bertram. The Ecumenical Food Pantry provides a 3-day supply of emergency food assistance to those in need in the greater Harrisburg area, and can use your help. The food pantry operates Monday – Friday from 9:30AM – 12:30PM and needs workers during that time to greet clients, record client data, fulfill client food orders, and to pack food bags – no experience needed. The pantry is housed at: Messiah Lutheran Church, 901 N. Sixth St. (in downtown Harrisburg.)

Please coordinate with one another, so you and a YG friend (or 2) can sign up to help out  any day that works with your schedule. Sign-Up TODAY at:

All details and requirements are also noted on the sign up sheet.

Please feel free to contact me or Lynn with any questions.  Her e-mail is:

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Who We Are
YG is our youth group ministry for students in grades 6-12th grade. We are a FAMILY –  a strong, positive, faith forming group. We meet together as ONE for fellowship, fun, and learning. We gather in the name of the Lord – Christ is the reason for our existence. We seek to constantly proclaim this message boldly through all that we do.

Our Mission
With unity in Christ we will serve as disciples, proudly walking and sharing our faith as one body throughout the world. Then, now and forever…

Circle – The Circle is a symbol of our group togetherness.  Whenever we meet as a large group we form a circle. The word circle also refers to candle prayer.
Prayer – Prayer is a strong part of the YG experience. Prayer is in all that we do.
Serve – This is why we are here, to serve the Lord and each other. SERVE ALWAYS WITH LOVE.
Gifts – We all have gifts.  This is what makes us an individual as well as a special member of our Youth Group.  We all share our gifts with each other.  What we all have.

For more information on YG, contact us at 717-737-9921.