United and empowered to worship, connect, serve.

Called by the Holy Spirit to be Christ’s Disciples, we seek to equip ourselves and others to live like Christ, and to be sent into the world proclaiming and living the Good News as daily witnesses of Gods transforming love.

What’s Happening at Trinity? 

Trinity at Home

During this time, while we are unable to GATHER TOGETHER, we will meet you WHERE YOU ARE to help connect FAITH to LIFE in these uneasy times. Click here to find daily scripture reading, apps, insightful articles, and children’s activities.

Hear daily from our pastors

Get pastor check-ins every day on Facebook:
• Monday, 3/23 Pastor Liz Frey
• Tuesday, 3/24 Pastor John Brock
• Wednesday, 3/25 Pastor Jack Horner
• Thursday, 3/26 Pastor Liz Frey
• Friday, 3/27 Pastor John Brock
• Saturday, 3/28 Pastor Jack Horner
• Sunday, 3/29 Pastors lead 11 am worship

Connect with Trinity staff

Staff will share pictures and videos on Facebook to show how we’re keeping a sense of normalcy as we work from home. Comment, share your own goings-on, or just smile.
• Mon., 3/23. Peter Fox, Youth/Student Ministries
• Tues., 3/24. Steve Kauffman, Administration
• Thurs,. 3/26. Stephanie Maurer, Communications
• Fri., 3/27. Tim Koch, Music

Worship, learn, give from where you are

“Attend” these events on our Facebook page. Get more details here.
• Wed., 3/25, 7 pm. “Which Jesus,” with Pastor Brock
• Thurs., 3/26, 7 pm. “Famous Last Words,” with the Horners
• Fri., 3/27, Noon. Friday prayer service, livestreamed
• Sat., 3/28, 5:30 pm. FaithX music
• Sun., 3/29, 11 am. Sunday worship, livestreamed
• Sun., 3/29, after worship. Miss Amy for Faith Connect Kids!

We can’t pass the offering plate/basket, so please give HERE.

Support our Ministries

While our doors may be physically closed right now, our ministries are not shutting down. We’ll continue to minister to our congregation, community, and world during this time of trial. Our employees will work remotely, and our building must still be maintained. It is important that we continue to support Trinity with our offerings/contributions. Please mail them to the church office or visit the donate page.

COVID-19 Important Update

Building is closed through April 6. This includes worship services. Outside events such as Ale House Table Talks and our Men’s Bible Study at Brothers Restaurant are also suspended until further notice. Continue to check back here for updates and follow us on Facebook. 

Watch last week’s sermon now!

Join us for Worship!

12:00 pm Fridays, Prayer Service
11:00 am Sundays, livestreamed
Theme for March 29:

Prayer is the voice of faith

How can we pray for YOU? Whether you are facing trial or joy, we’d love to listen and pray for you.
No prayer request is too small.
Click here to submit your prayer requests.