STEWARDSHIP is living a life of gratitude and generosity
for all God has done for us in Jesus Christ.” ~ Pastor Jack Horner

Stewardship of Time and Talent

As you prayfully consider your gifts, we ask that you also consider the ways that you can use your time and talents to show your gratitude to God.

What is Stewardship of Time and Talent?
It is the wise and responsible use of the gifts God has entrusted to each of us. It is believing that God has created each of us with unique abilities and attributes which make us who we are.

Why is This Important?
Our lives have real meaning only when we use our gifts in accordance with God’s will. As we grow in stewardship, we grow in our relationship with God.

How Can I Be a Good Steward of My Time and Talent?
Put God at the center of your life. We are given opportunities each day to be good stewards. No gift is greater than time, and yet, nothing is so easy to waste. Time spent in prayer, nurturing relationships or just enjoying the world’s beauty is time well spent.

What are My Talents?
We often hold back from recognizing our gifts because of a narrow definition of “talent.” We think “talented people” are extraordinary achievers or have easily identifiable gifts, such as music or art.

Talents include being a good listener, being able to organize people, relating well to children or teens, and being patient with others. As Christians, we recognize that our gifts are meant to be cultivated and shared with others through family and friends, church, community and with the world.

How Can I Be a Good Steward of My Talents?
Begin by recognizing the talents you have been given. Be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Let go of preconceived ideas about yourself. Be still and listen with the “ear of the heart.”

What are a Few Practical Ways to Share My Talents?
• Be available to your family and friends.
• Be an active member of the church.
• Get involved in your community.

An Invitation to Action
• Do something for yourself and your relationship with God.
• Pray or meditate regularly.
• Join a Bible study or small group.
• Visit the sick.
• Regularly spend time with family and friends.
• Get involved with fellowship events at church; get to know your church family.
• Regularly worship and get to know the people around you.
• Seek out ways you can share your gifts with the ministries of the congregation.

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