Don’t just listen to the sermon…Ponder how you can live it!
Use these questions as a starting point to dive deeper into the sermon each week. Can be used individually, with family and friends, or with your LifeGroup!

March 29 – Are You Dying…to be born out of death? Pastor Liz Frey Preaching

March 22 – Are You Dying…to be born out of darkness? Pastor Jack Horner Preaching

March 12, 14, and 15 – Are You Dying…to be water born? Pastor John Brock Preaching

March 5, 7, and 8 – Are You Dying…to be newly born? Pastor Jack Horner Preaching

February 27, 29, and March 1 – Are You Dying…to be born for battle? Pastor Liz Frey Preaching