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May 22
Sixth Sunday of Easter
Sermon theme: “Is This the End?”


with Pastor Brock Preaching

1. Are you afraid of the dark?
2. Can you deal with never ending light?
3. What is it that fills you with life?

May 8
Fourth Sunday of Easter
Sermon theme: “Is This the End?”
Sermon title: “The end looks lovely!”
with Pastor Frey Preaching

1. What images come to mind when you think about the book of Revelation?
2. What do you imagine “the end” will look like?
3. How is living like Jesus difficult for you? How might you overcome this difficulty?

May 1
Third Sunday of Easter
Sermon theme: “Is This the End?”
Sermon title: “Why We Sing”
with Pastor Hormer Preaching

1. What’s your favorite song, band or composer?
2. What does John’s vision of heaven tell you about life with God?
3. What song would you like to sing to God and the Lamb?

April 24
Second Sunday of Easter
Sermon theme: “Is This the End?”
Sermon title: “The T.O.E.”
with Pastor Brock Preaching

1. Do you have a T.O.E. – Theory of Everything?
2. How does Christ fit into it?
3. Does that Theory connect to others?

April 17
Easter Sunday
Sermon theme: “RUN Don’t Walk”
with Pastor Horner Preaching

1. Have you ever found yourself meandering through life?
2. What disappointments can Jesus turn into hope for you?
3. How does the resurrection of Jesus give you life?

April 16
Easter Vigil
Sermon theme: “Delivered”
with Pastor Frey Preaching

1. When things don’t go as you expect, how do you react?
2. When has God done something unexpected in your life?
3. How has God left you amazed recently?

April 14
Maundy Thursday
Sermon theme: “Remembered”
with Pastor Brock preaching

1. Can you imagine Jesus getting down on the floor to wash your feet?
2. What does radically subservient love look like to you?

April 10
Palm Passion Sunday

Sermon theme: “Passion of Christ according to Luke”
with Dramatic Reading by: Rick Sten, Sandy Daily, and Jim Schutz

1. What detail about the passion of Jesus do you find most touching?
2. How can Jesus’ attitude of calm through his passion help you in times of trial?
3. Jesus died “for you.” How does that fact give you strength?

April 3
Fifth Sunday in Lent
Sermon theme: “Know & Share”
Pastor Frey preaching

1. What jumped out at you from John 12?
2. What small part in fighting poverty could you play?

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