Construction is finished!

We showed the results on Sunday, May 23, 2021, with our Open House and Tailgate Sunday. Read below for more information. Click here to see pictures!

What a great day it was for the 300+ people who took tours, enjoyed picnic food, played Backyard Bingo, and–all in all–loved the improvements to our safety, security, and hospitality! We now have a Gathering Space that extends into the Narthex area, and it looks open, lighter, and inviting. The Gathering Space entry has air-lock doors angled to lead people directly into our two worship spaces, either the Nave or Fellowship Hall, so that both worship spaces are visible and welcoming. The double wood doors into Fellowship Hall have been fitted with large glass panes so that people can see directly into that worship space as they enter the Gathering Space. The new windows in the Narthex area allow folks to see directly into the beautiful Nave, and the Narthex ceiling is higher to make the area look even more open.

The newly refreshed and updated library/family lounge now has its own bathroom. The old bathrooms in the adjacent hallway were gutted and enlarged to make them new and ADA-compliant. The upstairs education and preschool area has control doors for security, and the entrance to the balcony is expanded and updated. There’s new paint, new flooring and carpet, energy-efficient LED lighting, and new security features throughout. From top to bottom, the results are outstanding.

Over and over we heard you say how our building has become more inviting and how the improvements will enhance our ability to attract others to help us expand our mission and ministry. The work is all part of our “Honor our Past, Plan our Future” appeal, and your support has been wonderful. Please continue it so that we can meet our goal of being debt free. Thank you!

Click here to see pictures.

Nearing the Finish Line and Asking for Your Help

Status of Our Capital Project, “Honor Our Past/Plan Our Future”

May 2021 – by Bob Frymoyer, Capital Appeal Financial Subcommittee

How are things going with our capital appeal building project? We are happy to report that we have made steady progress toward construction and project completion. Despite our building closures and in-building worship suspensions, your Congregation Council, Finance Committee, Building Committee, and staff have been working diligently on the project.

Results include an improved air handling system; upgraded wi-fi; security and multiple updates in our pre-school and education area, including sprinklers; installed/repaired roofs; renovated library/family lounge, adjacent hallways, and new ADA-compliant bathrooms; refurbished and expanded Gathering Space opened into the Narthex area where windows now make the beautiful Nave visible; air-lock doors at the Gathering Space entry; and an opened-up second-floor area leading to the balcony. All these changes are dramatic, refreshing, and inviting.

Based on projections, we remain optimistic regarding financing for the project. As of April 30, overall project costs remain at $1,175,000, the amount approved by the congregation at its special meeting on September 29, 2019.

Per our Plan of Finance, we have acquired a loan not to exceed $500,000. The purpose of the loan has been to meet expenses during construction when expenses have preceded receipted revenues. Any amounts from pledged revenues that do not meet costs will need to be assimilated into downrange borrowing with principal and interest payments likely to be assimilated into our operating budget. We are hopeful that this will be a small amount over a relatively short period of time.

Giving and revenues remain steady thanks to your commitment and dedication to our ministries.  We also already have more than $14,000 set aside from appeal giving for our Vicar ministries, as well as $14,000 for the Synod as we had planned. We expect that the totals for these two ministries will eventually approach $15,000 each, or $30,000 in total.

We are making additional member contacts this month to keep you updated and to increase financial support even further.

Overall, we are optimistic that our May 2021 initiative to take us over the finish line to be debt free will be successful. This initiative includes multi-media efforts, letters focused to specific congregational groups, and our May 23 Open House and Tailgate Sunday event. Then we will be in a better position to know the extent to which we have reduced our exposure to debt and the extent to which we may need to use other revenue sources.

We are grateful to the many members who continue to support our development initiative that will expand our ministries!

If you have not pledged or given, please join us.

On September 29, 2019, at a special congregational meeting, the Congregation voted in favor of moving forward with Phase 1 of Trinity’s Honor our Past, Plan our Future project. Click here to read the specific motions that were approved.

Are you ready for a “Fixer Upper?”

Trinity has seen many changes over the years and we are now setting our sights on the future. Take a look at how the wonderful people at Campbell Associates are working with us to help us write the next chapter of our story. Then ask yourself “Are YOU ready for a Fixer Upper?”

Still have questions? 

Change is hard, we get it. We know that many of you have questions about the plans and proposals in front of you. Over the last few weeks we have have hosted forums and answered many of the questions that people have about this project. Click here to see what other people want to know and hopefully you will find your answers.

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