Help us deliver a Thanksgiving Meal to someone in our community!

What is Thanks and GivingTrinity made a bold change in 2016 when it retired its longstanding and much-loved Thanksgiving Dinner for member fellowship. The decision was made to create an event that, instead of benefiting ourselves, would benefit others. Such was the birth of Thanks and Giving, in which we show our gratitude by giving to others.

When is Thanks and GivingMeals will be prepared and delivered on Sunday, November 24.  However, there are many ways that you can be involved leading up to the event as well.

Who will receive these meals? As we have done before, we will prepare and deliver more than 225 Thanksgiving dinners to at-home members.  This year, we will also be preparing an additional 150+ meals for families in need.  These families, with school-age children, live right here in the Camp Hill School District.  We are proud to be teaming up with non-profit Earl Besch Project to identify these families.

How can I be involved? There are many ways to be involved, including volunteering to prepare or deliver meals, making a monetary donation, or writing a prayer to be included with the meals.  Learn more about all of the ways to be involved below.

Give your time 

More than 150 volunteers are needed to make, package, and deliver 400 Thanksgiving meals. You can sign up to help in the Gathering Space or online. Bring your friends and family out to share in this wonderful event together.  All ages are welcome to help!

Make a monetary donation

This event would not be possible without monetary support.  We have been blessed to have donations from local grocery stores, but that isn’t enough.  We have a goal of raising $1,000 to cover the cost of the meals.  Please consider making a monetary donation. You can donate money in person or online.  (Please make sure you note that your money is to go toward Thanks and Giving.)

Participate in the “Prayer Project”

Each meal that is delivered includes a prayer card.  This year we are looking to you to write those prayers!  The prayers do not have to be long, but rather the shorter the better is perfect!  Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  Prayers should be between 25 and 50 words!
  Please sign each prayer with your name (i.e. Dona or The Norris Family)
  Your prayer should be submitted to Dona Norris by November 17.  You can email or drop it in the collection boxes at Trinity.

Don’t know how to write a prayer? No worries, follow these simple prompts to guide your prayer writing!

1.  Address God like the beginning of a letter to God, and use adjectives to describe who God is. (Dear God, Almighty God, Great God, etc.) 
2.  Say why or for what you are giving thanks. (Thank your for…, We are grateful for…, etc.)
3.  Make a request if you’d like.
(We ask you to…, We pray that you…, etc.)
4. Use a closing; then end with “Amen.” 
(in Jesus’ name we pray…, through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord…, etc.) 

Still unsure of your writing? Want to help assemble cards? Join Dona Norris every Sunday through November 17 to write prayers and assemble cards.  A group will be meeting during the Faith Connections hour (9:45 – 10:45 am) in Room 234.  All are invited to attend.