Help us deliver a Thanksgiving meal to someone in our community!

What is Thanks and GivingTrinity made a bold change in 2016 when it retired its longstanding and much-loved Thanksgiving dinner for member fellowship. The decision was made to create an event that, instead of benefiting ourselves, would benefit others. Such was the birth of Thanks and Giving, in which we show our gratitude by giving to others.

When is Thanks and GivingSunday, November 22, at 2:00 and 2:15 pm.

Who will receive meals?  The food we collect will be paired with a turkey and delivered to families in need.  These families, with school-age children, live right here in the Camp Hill School District.  We are proud to be teaming up with non-profit Earl Besch Project to identify these families.

How can I be involved? You will purchase items from the store and create a “Thanksgiving Kit.” On Sunday, November 22, you will come to Trinity and pick up a turkey (donated by families in Camp Hill) and the Camp Hill borough address of the family you’ll deliver to (plus a card from Trinity!). You will deliver the turkey and your “Thanksgiving Kit” directly to your family.

Your “Thanksgiving Kit” must include:  1 box of stuffing, 1 box of mashed potatoes, 1 jar of gravy, 1 can of green beans, 1 can of corn, rolls, and a dessert. (The rolls and dessert can be box mix, store bought, or homemade.)

How many volunteers do we need? We need 32 families to create kits and deliver the Thanksgiving meal to families. If all of the spots are taken, and you would still like to participate, we will be doing a food drive during the month of November. You may drop non-perishable items off in the Gathering Space (or bring them to the church on November 22.)

THANK YOU!  We know this is different than in years past. We appreciate your willingness to volunteer for this wonderful cause in these challenging times. We are also sad that we are unable to support as many families as we have in the past. We would encourage you to look around your own neighborhood and think of folks who may need some extra help this holiday season. Would you be able to share a portion of your Thanksgiving meal? Or, perhaps prepare a special baked good to brighten their holiday? How can you be the church for someone this season? If you have any questions about the event, please contact Kathy Holmes.