Capital Appeal Financial Subcommittee Report – Submitted by Bob Frymoyer Next meeting on Tbd. Highlights:
1) Appeal fund balance of nearly $20,000.
2) Receipts for December of nearly $15,000.
3). Monthly debt service of $4100. Loan balance of $172,000.
4) Approximately $50,000 in remaining adjusted pledges
with an estimated $40,000 to be realistically expected.
5). We are planning to maintain an appeal fund balance of at least
$10,000, which represents the $6,000 in interest due this year on
our loan plus a reserve $4,000 of one monthly payment.
6). THE BIG NEWS is that with the above we are NOW able to
Inform the congregation that EVERY dollar given to the appeal
will be used to reduce the debt, DOLLAR for DOLLAR. This has
been Instrumental in stimulating additional giving in the past
and we are hopeful this will again happen.
7). With Stephanie Maurer we are undertaking media blasts to
Inform the congregation of the above and encourage giving.

So, please SHARE the BIG NEWS! Pass it around and exhibit
leadership through your own additional giving!