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But I’m Bored!

It was getting increasingly difficult to encourage Ryan Andrews, 11, to attend Sunday worship.

Ryan has been with Trinity since birth and baptism, worshiping with his parents and sister nearly every Sunday, attending classes and activities, playing in the Bell Choir, and making friends.

However, for this bright fifth grader with tons of energy and an active sports calendar, every Sunday service was starting to feel much the same. It all seemed a bit boring, despite his faith and interest.

In short, Ryan was not inspired.

That feeling changed when Trinity introduced an activity called Worship and Serve. Initially held monthly on summer Sunday mornings from 10 am to noon at an external location, Worship and Serve is true to its name. First, participants worship briefly and receive Holy Communion. The bulk of the time is next spent rendering a service.

On the two Sundays that Ryan and his family participated, they joined others to complete chores like outdoor weeding and indoor cleaning or organizing. One Sunday was spent at a mission partner’s inner-city location, where help is provided to people facing homelessness and poverty. The other Sunday was spent at a mission partner’s thrift store, where proceeds go to help women with breast cancer.

Here’s the thing. Ryan loved it. Not only was he eager to go, but he also

appreciated the abbreviated worship, the direct look into the work of mission partners, and the chance to be active in doing something that the partners need and appreciate. It was also special, he found, to work side by side with others in a true multigenerational setting, particularly when those far older than Ryan marveled at his outstanding work ethic.

Ryan looks forward to this new way of worship and service. He no longer talks about being bored, and he sees firsthand how Trinity’s work and financial support impact others. Your gifts and generosity make this impact possible.