September 13, 2022 Council Reports

By | September 13, 2022 Council Reports

Strategic Plan Report – Submitted by Bob Frymoyer Next meeting on n.a.. Report to Council
>> Strategic Plan
>> _________________________
>> Attached is the most current version of Trinity’s Strategic Plan.. Four of its five goals are directly ministerial and community outreach in nature. The fifth is administrative and financially related in content. we As earlier approved by congregational council, it continues to evolve in its action steps through staff, lay leadership, and congregational involvement. What good efforts are being made! Yet, much remains to be done, especially by staff.

>> We expect to provide an overall status report to the congregation later this year.

Please reacquaint yourself and continue to involve yourself in areas related to your ministries.

By | September 13, 2022 Council Reports

Capital Appeal Financial Advisory Group Report – Submitted by Bob Frymoyer Next meeting on n.a.. Report to Finance Committee
Capital Appeal Financial Advisory Group

– We continue to receive around $5,000 per month in contributions to our capital appeal. In August this amount was nearly $4,800 and has been recognizably higher in some previous months this year.

– At this point most of the appeal giving is above and beyond pledged amounts. There are some pledges still being received in that they were made in the last year or so. There are some pledges not fulfilled due to members pledging late in our campaign. It is noteworthy that numerous members continue to donate regularly above and beyond their pledges or independent of pledged dollars. This has permitted us to not only meet our monthly loan amortization obligation but also to pay additional amounts on our outstanding loan which has therefore now been reduced to $72,000 after our early September payment.
– There remain a small number of members who pledged significant dollars but have not performed well on their pledges causing us not to meet our appeal goals. We plan to have additional contact with these members and other members who have substantially underperformed. We also plan to acknowledge and thank members who continue to give regularly toward reducing our debt.

– We estimate that we will likely have remaining debt somewhere around $50,000 at year’s end. Short of continued generous freewill, non-pledged giving for which we are truly grateful ( and which can be expected to become smaller each month), there is no currently assigned source of funds to address our remaining debt service into 2023.

– There also still remains an in-house loan from quasi-endowment of approximately $200,000 which was used for start-up costs (mostly architect and contracted fund raiser fees) at the beginning of our capital expansion project in 2018.

Bob Frymoyer, Chair