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Wednesday Connect - October 2, 2019

Live a Better Story: Chasing Happy

If we’re honest, when we look at our life story, most of us know how we want it to end: “happily ever after.” This phrase oftentimes seems like an all too distant myth. In fact, while we may want a life that ends happily ever after, most of us would say we want a happy life right now. We all want our life story to be happy. We want our kids to be happy. We want our marriages to be happy. We want to be happy in our job, happy in our friendships, happy in our finances. It drives everything we do. But being happy just isn’t that simple, is it? In fact, sometimes it feels the more we chase happiness, the more it remains just out of reach. This week we’ll reconsider whether or not happiness should be the ultimate goal—and if not happiness, then what?

From Series: "Live a Better Story"

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