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Turning grief into help for others

Joyce Roy is a longtime and active Trinity member. Her husband, Chuck, was equally active, and the couple attended worship and events regularly with their three children.

In 2017, just a month after Joyce and Chuck’s 45th wedding anniversary, Chuck died suddenly and unexpectedly. He was only 66. Joyce and her adult children were devastated.

Joyce continued to attend Trinity, but the memories were hard to face. Because the couple had been so active in their church lives, Joyce saw reminders of Chuck at every turn. Her struggles with grief weren’t confined to Trinity; they were everywhere. She looked for a grief support group, found one offered by another church, and completed the 14-week course.

Not only had Joyce learned that grief is hard, but she also learned that grief support is critical.

With her firsthand experience guiding her, Joyce approached our Director of Faith Formation about forming a grief support ministry. It was a perfect fit for Joyce to be the coordinator, but the launch was delayed when the pandemic hit. Joyce was steadfast in keeping the idea on the front burner and eventually was able to proceed. The first 10-week course went well, and it is now being offered on a regular basis.

Joyce had turned her devastating experience with grief into good. She knows she can now help others as much as others have helped her. And, with thanks to Joyce, Trinity has a new ministry.

Your gifts and generosity make all our ministries possible, and your support is appreciated.